About Us

Bringing together expertise in computer science, research methods, data management, and logical problem solving, Novelution finds elegant solutions for complex problems. We are a unique team of software engineers who thrive on logical thinking. We have the patience, ability and experience to approach difficult problems analytically, rationally and fully. We take into account all the nuanced scenarios that may impact a solution and pride ourselves on how we communicate solutions to our clients. We help our clients understand how to think about their own issues optimally. We care equally about technical integrity and user experience, based on many years of experience working in tandem with technical colleagues, non-technical business stakeholders, and end-users.

Meet our Founders

Yaniv Eyny


Evan Sable


With his former life in academia, managing the Neuroscience Dopamine Research Lab at Columbia University, Yaniv recognized the need for automated, efficient, and complete approaches to data analysis and research administration. Later, Yaniv spent several years at iVillage.com as a software developer, working closely in hand with many non-technical departments including business development, marketing, and metrics, listening to their needs and communicating technical issues. Since founding Novelution with Evan, Yaniv has become a true expert at developing strategic and user-focused products. Novelution clients find an innovative partner in Yaniv.

Evan graduated with honors from Princeton University and received his Bachelors of Science and Engineering degree with a major in Computer Science. After Princeton, Evan joined iVillage.com and became the senior application developer as well as the technical manager and mentor for his team. Evan was responsible for iVillage's registration and authentication system, message boards and chats, an interactive quiz engine, user email accounts and profiles, and an e-commerce online course, meeting the needs of changing requirements and critical uptime. Since founding Novelution with Yaniv, Evan has become a true expert at designing and implementing well-architected, flexible software systems, leveraging best-of-breed front-end and backend frameworks.